Dates: November 23 - December 21
    Type: Fire sign ruled by Jupiter 
  Symbol: The Archer 
Gemstone: Nov 22-30 Topaz
          Dec 1-21  Turquoise, Zircon
 Mineral: Lead
  Flower: All climbing flowers 
   Color: Royal Purple, Deep Red.
Keywords: I see 

Sagittarians are energetic, zealous, outgoing, good-natured and self motivated. They always make new goals for themselves and strive, with optimism and high expectations to fulfill them. They are always seeking to expand their horizons whether that is through travel to distant lands or knowledge gained from books. They are interested in visiting any and all foreign lands and learning all about the people who reside there. They are a students of life and are always driven to seek for meaning. They are self-confident, sophisticated and dignified and liberal thinkers. They are clever, versatile and creative. They have an interest in religious and philosophical subjects. They have a strong sense of justice and a value system that develops early. There is an absolute need to carefully guide the young Sagittarian or they can become self-righteous, snobbish and judgmental. If love and nurturing is withheld from this idealistic and visionary sign they become show offs, braggarts and bigots and tend to exaggerate everything as a way of trying to gain recognition.

They are fearless and larger than life and do everything in a big way. They have quick minds and make wonderful speakers.

Sagittarians are known as the clowns of the zodiac and with good reason. They are very social and love to make people laugh. They are fun loving and do and say hilarious things that have others laughing uproaressly. They are so easy to get along with and love to tease their friends. They are e pranksters but if it gets out of hand they can pull some pretty cruel practical jokes and need to learn to get rid of their anger in more acceptable ways. Sagittarians show their anger with lightening speed and possibly violence. As an enemy they are determined and combative and when they find the weakness of their enemies they show no mercy.

They love their liberty and freedom and enjoy being with someone that they can discuss mutual goals and ideals. No sad sacks for them.

Actors or politicians - Saggitarians excel at both. They know exactly what they are doing and how it is affecting the masses. No naiveté here thank you very much.

They need their freedom to come and go as they please. They are extremely impatient, restless and don't like monotony and they seek new and exciting things to do. They love the outdoors and any type of physical activity. They need people around them who like rough housing as much as they do. They can get carried away with wrestling, tickling, flipping others around and giving squeezes that would knock a polar bear for a loop so you need to be in good physical condition to enjoy the company of the Archer. They are very active people and when they do things like sky diving, mountain climbing, snow boarding, and surfing they want their friends along otherwise it's no fun. Sagittarians are risk takers of dangerous sports and love speed of any kind. They like camping, horseback riding and sports that they can participate in as well as being a spectator.

Sagittarians are visionaries and can see more clearly than most in what direction the future will take. They are capable of seeing the big picture and how they fit into it but they can run into trouble because often they miss the detail.

Because they don’t want to disappoint anyone ever they often make promises they can’t keep and take on more than they can handle and they end up procrastinating and doing a disappearing act.

They need to keep on learning throughout their life and they are at home with abstract ideas, principles and beliefs. Professions: educators, clergymen, salesmen, Senators, Actors and stuntmen.

Sagittarians have a lot of confidence but they need to be acknowledged for their many endeavors and usually their is much to applaud them for.