Chapter 1: The Early Years

I was born at a very early age, in the month of December.

Even if you don't beleive in signs of the zodiac, THIS is a fairly accurate description of me.
I am the best example of a 'NATIVE' that will find. I was born in Orlando and have been there, pretty much, ever since. Just look at me... TOTAL CLASS ACT

I grew up going to a local private school called Central Florida Christian School, pictures of which can be seen here. Anyone that went there will I am sure agree, it was a torture test, the likes of which the Marines have NOTHING on. They had rules that seemed, at the time, stupid. Looking back, they still seem stupid, but I can see a glimpse of a reason for them, and I think that those of us that made it through, are the better for it. The school really pushed the memorization of things Books of the Bible, Presidents, States, Capitols, Flowers, and Birds, and 200 bible verses. The average 5th grader's yearly goals, besides the regular school things. The school eventually burned down, and off to public school I went. I grew up a spoiled kid. Private school, lots of fancy toys, electronics all over, I spent a great deal of my saturday cartoon time up flying in the family plane. The son of a truely gifted electronics engineer, we had the equiv. to a modern day cellular phone, so not only was I 12 yrs old, and flying, I could call my friends from the plane, just to say hi, and tell em to run outside and look at me! "Look what I can do" and I've been labeled a show off, ever since.

On to the next chapter...