Rob's Solar Power Project

Next set of Solar Panels have come in.
Use this link to see a step by step for wiring them up
It's been a while since I updated this. Try this link to my Apollo T80 project!
A Lot has changed lately on the solar project.
I finally finished the first stage of the solar panels on the roof
This is 12 (two sets of 6) Kyocera KC130 Solar Panels
Here are the pics of the install process for the first 8.
and here is the install of panels 9-12
So here is the batteries I have so far.
4 12V 90ah Genesis NP90-12 Gel Cell
This is the heart of it all. The Trace SW5548.
5500 Watt Utility grade, sine wave power
Three-stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, and float)
and battery equalization with remote temp sensor
Programmable control module with LCD display and LED indicators
Low idle current (less than 1 watt) conserves energy when no loads are present
Built in starting control circuits for two- and three-wire generator starting systems

This is a lousy picture. This thing weighs about 140 pounds, so it won't pose for a shot.
Charge Controller.
This box sits in between the solar panels (which I don't have yet) and the batteries.
This controls and meters the power coming in from the Sun
The is the whole mess, assembled to nicely on my bench in the garage.