Chapter 4: What makes up ME?

I believe you can learn a lot about a person just by knowing their music. So here it is...
I'm a victim of the 80's 'hair bands' like Ratt, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Whitesnake, well, the list goes on and on. I don't own ANY LPs, I only have 3 cassettes Hear n Aid, Larry the cable guy christmas, and a copy of somthing I can't remember. I do listen to a wide variety of music so
Check out my Compact Disk colection list.

I love new technology, its no secret. I'm a gadget guy. A printer for my toaster, hook me up! People look at me funny when I buy some new technology that they dont understand. Then I make it do cool stuff, and I'm their hero again. I was an EARLY user of the MP3 standard, back in the day when it took 8 hours with a DOS based program to rip a CD into mp3s. People thought I was crazy, but look where we are today.
Here is My MP3 Album list

What is there besides music? MOVIES!

CED Movies
LaserDisk Movies
VHS Movies
VCD Movies
DVD Movies

I love em all

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